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Jewish Network of Addiction Recovery Support
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About Us

JNARS is an organization dedicated to preventing & healing the Jewish people from the disease of Addiction.

We try to make available to the Jewish world accurate information and handy resources that can be used in recovery from drug & behavioral addictions.

Our work is done from the top-downwards by enhancing professionally-directed treatment as well as from the bottom-upwards via the community by educating people about the nature of addiction & available local treatment resources.

By organizing and enhancing the quality & accessibility of our available professional treatment resources (e.g. clinics, rehabs, addiction specialists) as well as by continuous psycho-educational programs delivered to the broader community (e.g. educators, physicians, community leaders, students, and laymen) we envision that our efforts will make a significant impact on reducing addictive disorders in our community.

The ultimate aim of JNARS is to be an important resource to the Jewish people for support and information about addiction. We want to instill hope and health in the Jewish world in regards to the disease of addiction.

We want every Jew to have the opportunity to know what addiction is, how to recover from it, and local resources in his or her area that can be of help.

JNARS Director: Avi Tenenbaum

JNARS Consultants: Dr. Sanford Landa, Dr. Phyllis Strauss

JNARS Professional Community: The JNARS Professional listserv has over 200 Jewish Addiction Specialists, Psychiatrists, Educators, Recovery Rabbis, and other people involved in Addiction treatment and recovery in the Jewish world. Our members hail from many countries including United States, Canada, Israel, England, Australia, Brazil, and Israel. Our list also has nearly 20 Jewish Inpatient/Outpatient programs, drop-in centers, and sober homes.

JNARS Philosophy: We believe that addiction is a serious problem deserving our full attention, that recovery is possible, and that there are many pathways to recovery. The JNARS way of thinking is influenced by timeless addiction researchers and recovery figures like William White, William Miller, Alan Marlatt, Bill Wilson & Dr. Bob, Ernest Kurtz, Rabbi Dr. Abraham J Twersky, and others.